Streamlining, cutting costs and going green.

Cloud computing is growing in popularity with businesses. They have embraced using the Internet and remote servers to run applications and store data, and so eliminated the need for in house hardware and software. The cloud gives businesses secure efficient IT resources whist removing most of the upfront cost of establishing an IT infrastructure.
For large companies, there has been some discussion of the risks: confidentiality issues, data security, and other potential areas of concern. However, the advantages of using the cloud seem to outweigh all the potential risks. The biggest incentive to move to the cloud is perhaps the savings that a company can enjoy. The number of companies adopting cloud computing is growing at an increasing rate each year as more and more corporations realise its potential.

  • 60% of Server workloads that will be virtualised by 2014 compared to 12% of server workloads that were virtualised in 2008.
  • At year-end 2016, more than 50% of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud.


(Gartner 2014)

Cloud computing is continuing to grow at a higher rate, alongside a rising trend of outsourcing businesses processes that may be redundant within an organisation. The cloud offers companies the best available human resource you require for your business at considerably low cost. However there are also many other reasons that so many businesses are moving to the cloud:

  • High performance web capabilities and high speed broadband across the UK now make the cloud a practical option for business IT.
  • Reduction in physical IT equipment such as servers, alongside server maintenance and personnel costs.
  • Electricity, and operational costs are significantly decreased
  • The cloud offers flexibility to select amount and size of data to store in data centres, and allows for dynamic computing power.
  • Adaptability & location independence – many options, apps and packages to suit all types of business models such as Office 365 which brings office, files and data to workers wherever they are on any internet connected device.
  • Businesses see a higher return on IT investment
  • Going Green – Less energy used, less electrical waste and less physical products and packaging are all green positives of moving to the cloud.


With private servers and two key security protocols, any worries about security have now been combatted making cloud computing a great option for businesses It requirements.

We can help your business join the cloud and offer many services and packages to help you get the most out of what the cloud can offer, find out more about our cloud solutions here.