Ever since Apple released the Apple Watch back in 2015, there’s been bucket loads of companies trying to replicate it in any way possible. However, there have been very few companies that have been able to replicate the, (excuse the pun) but the smartness of their watch. But more recently certain companies have been creating watches that could potentially knock Apple off the top spot.

Samsung Gear S3 is a brilliant Android watch, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a very impressive battery life of 3 days. Although Samsung went in hard in order to compete with Apple’s smart watch, many consumers have complained at the serious lack of apps that can be downloaded onto the watch. It’s also been pointed out that the size of the watch is very large on the wrist, which can be an obvious flaw if it keeps getting in the way of your daily routines.

Despite Samsung’s efforts, the real surprise contender for Apple’s crown is Fitbit. Earlier this week Fitbit announced that they would be releasing a brand new smart watch that could potentially de-thrown Apple. Not only is this a genuine fitness watch, it also has everything an Apple watch has (nearly). It’s waterproof and can withstand depths of up to 50 metres. It offers notifications from your phone and even ‘in device’ music streaming options.

The Fitbit Ionic also boasts GPS, Payment systems and a far higher capacity battery life. The Ionic has a lot to prove, but to be challenging Apple with their first attempt at a watch, is brilliant. The Ionic also comes in at a price of £299.99, £100 cheaper than the Apple watch 2. Smart Watches are the future, there’s no doubt about that. So will more businesses want to start incorporating these into everyday office life? Instead of work phones, companies could start to provide workers with smart watches. But will they be a success? Only time will tell.