ARM Holdings has been often described as the UK’s leading technology company. But who are they and what do they do?

Despite not being a household name, pretty much all of us will have at least one ARM powered product in our homes. Many products that we would class as household names and technology essentials rely on ARMs brainpower.

Some of those big brand names include the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, Apple’s iPad tablets, Amazon’s Kindle e-readers, Nest’s smart thermostats, Ford’s cars, DJI’s drones, Canon’s EOS cameras and Fitbit’s fitness trackers.

So what do ARM actually do?

Well according to the BBC summary, ARM doesn’t actually manufacture computer processors itself, but rather licenses its semiconductor technologies to others.In some cases, manufacturers only license ARM’s architecture, or “instruction sets”, which determine how processors handle commands. This option gives chip-makers greater freedom to customise their own designs. In other cases, manufacturers license ARM’s processor core designs – which describes how the chips’ transistors should be arranged. These blueprints still need to be combined with other elements – such as memory and radios – to create what’s referred to as a system-on-chip.

As a result, when you hear talk of a device being powered by a Samsung Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon or Apple A8 chip, it is still ARM’s technology that is involved.

British technology at it’s best

When you think about the power of ARM, and consider that it has just been bought for £24bn, they you have to admit that British technology is pretty powerful. We’ve mastered the art of getting technology right, so you should do the same with your business, even if that means leaving it to us. With all this British technology behind you, powering your business, we should be doing our best to work and maintain it properly. Be proud of the British technology scene, and embrace it.