With the launch of Windows 10 potentially as soon as this summer, we take a closer look at the upgrade and pick out our favourite new features

The exact release date is unknown and Microsoft are keen to make sure everything is perfect before they unleash Windows 10 on the public. The rumours, however, are that we could be able to download the new upgrade from Summer 2015.

Did i miss Windows 9?

Well no. Windows decided to skip number 9 and head straight for Windows 10. We can only assume this is to illustrate how big a difference there will be between the current Windows 8 and the new and improved upgrade.

So, to prepare for the arrival of the new Windows upgrade, we have chosen our favourite features offered by the new platform and how they are going to improve usability of your Windows devices.

Starting again

The return of the much loved start button will no doubt be welcomed back by Windows users. The start menu will be new and improved with the ability to customise and the addition of live tiles for easy access to appointments and emails etc.

Flexible apps

The new set up be allow you to resize apps downloaded from the Window’s Store, rather than having to have them full screen. This will make them much more flexible and much easier to use when trying to cope with multiple apps open at once.

Multiple Desktops

‘Task View’ is a new feature that will allow users to switch quickly between desktops. This means that when you are using more than one programme you can switch between them simply by swiping or at the press of a button, rather than having to minimise and reopen everything.

The Best Things in Life are Free

For the people already using Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 will be free to upgrade. This has been guaranteed for the first year but after that, who knows? So, best get downloading ASAP. Everybody loves a freebie!

Prepare for Spartan

Microsoft have decide to launch a new web browser named ‘Spartan’ do accompany Windows 10 with the view that it will replace internet explore. Windows 10 will host the new engine exclusively and with a name like Spartan, we’re expecting great things.

Hello Cortana

The digital assistant currently available on Windows phone will also be available on desktop and tablets. You’ll be able to access her by saying hello and ask her things like “show me slides about charity presentation”. Paired with the new browser and and flexible apps, she should make Windows 10 pretty accessible.

So you may have a couple of months to wait until you can upgrade to Windows 10, but from the information that Microsoft have released, we think it will be well worth the wait.