Our Partners

We are proud to be partnered by some of the best businesses in the industry, and we share the very real benefits of those partnerships with our customers, including preferential pricing and service.

An additional benefit to our customers is that having access to our partners means that there is no need to go through the time-consuming trial and error process of choosing their own suppliers, a very real saving in resources and effort.

Our partnerships include:

  • Microsoft Online Services Partner – “Microsoft powered online services”
  • Microsoft Cloud Partner – “Essential Cloud IT services”
  • HP Business Partner – “One out of every three servers shipped worldwide is from HP”
  • Entanet Data Communications Partner – “Fully supported – 24/7 UK based technical support”
  • VMware Partner – “the world’s leading virtualization solution”
  • AVG Gold Partner – “recognized as one of the biggest players in the security software market”
  • Attix5 Secure Backup Partner – World-class data protection software
  • Netgear – “Worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products”
  • Watchguard – “Web Security & Firewall Appliances”
  • APC – “Power protection products and services including UPS and surge suppressors.”
  • Draytek – “Manufacturers of ISDN and Internet connectivity products.”