Finnish tech guy Kristoffer Lawson has developed a new computer called Solu

In a world dominated by technology, it’s unsurprising that people are constantly coming up with new devices, adapting to our constantly changes tech needs and developing new and exciting ways to make business easier.

Well that latest new invention is a small device, around the size of a coaster, that can be used both individually, like a smartphone, or attached to a screen, where the small device becomes a controller. You can swipe, click, and pinch to navigate your way around the screen.┬áIt runs using a modified version of Google’s Android operating system and appears to bit a pretty nosy bit of technology.

The best bits

One of it’s most notable features is the file management system. Instead of using folders, your items appear like a mind map on the screen with icons grouped together in clusters, apparently to improve focus.

The device also makes file sharing, communication and remote business incredibly easy. It shows you what colleagues are doing with shared files and tells you when they are being edited by lighting up the screen. Tis c;eve piece of tech also allows you to work on documents at the same time as your co-workers.

The thing that has got tech buffs excited however, is the new computer’s approach to software: you don’t buy any. Instead, you pay month (they don’t know how much yet) and you can then use whatever programs you like. Developers will get a cut of the monthly fee if you use their program, a bit like hugely popular music streaming service Spotify.

When can i get one?

Whilst this all sounds great, the computer isn’t ready yet. There are pretty big glitches to iron out before you can get this installed in your business and before we IT support people have to master it. But, it’s pretty exciting to think about the future of technology in business and IT support.