Tips for staying safe online

We’re constantly warned about being safe online, especially when we’re using the internet for business

We are always warning you to take care when using the internet for business transactions or for storing business data and it is incredibly important that you do. But sometimes it;s handy to know exactly what you should be looking out for. As your IT support partner, we’d be taking care of the big threats and ensuring that, on the whole, your business is safe online. But it doesn’t hurt to remain vigilant when using the internet yourself and knowing what to look out for in smaller, but still harmful, online threats.

Here’s a list of 5 simple steps you can take when using the internet┬áto keep you and your business safe.

Password protect

We’ve covered it plenty of time, but it remains one of the most ┬áhackable things on the internet. Make sure you don;t have a simple and easy guessable password on important sites and documents.

Be Careful on public networks

You can never 100% trust a public network as, well, they’re public and everyone has access to them! Make sure you don;t use public networks for online banking or sharing important business data.

Be vigilant

It’s fairly common to receive an email or a phone call telling you you have been hacked and if you hand over your password, the threat can be dealt with. This is a scam and handing over your password is the worst possible move. Be suspicious and don;t hand over details if you think something doesn’t sound right.

Don’t click on suspicious links

If you receive an email or a pop up appears asking you to follow this link to win all kinds of prizes, don’t do it. The link could take you anywhere and leave you vulnerable to all kinds of cyber attacks. If you think it could be a real link, input the URL manually.

Update your software

One of the most simple, and most important things you can do, is stay up to date. Software updates include security fixes so make sure you are always up to date on whatever device it is you are using.

These steps may seem obvious and they may seem simple, but most of us are vulnerable online without even realising it. Take these steps and keep them in mind, and hopefully you and your business data will stay safe online.