Has that time come when you need to upgrade your systems?

It can be a time consuming and costly job procuring and setting up new hardware for your business. Perhaps that is why so many of us put it off. We tell ourselves that the computer or the laptop is fine, it’s a bit old and a bit stubborn, but it’s fine!

Why is upgrading important?

In reality, having old and in-effective hardware could be effecting your business in a negative way. Presumably, you need things to be fast and efficient. Many businesses in many different sectors now rely heavily on IT. So being fast and efficient is basically down to your IT system. Your hardware is the crux of that IT system. It’s imperative then, that your hardware is serving you well and running properly.

To help you make that painful decision about your hardware, we have put together 5 simple signs that your hardware is due for an upgrade.

  1. Runs slowly – Software not loading and your PC or laptop taking a millennium to start-up or shut-down is perhaps one of the most infuriating things about an old computer. The easiest solution is an upgrade. If the hardware is up-to-date then it is ready to run your IT systems quickly and efficiently.
  2. Crashing – If your PC or laptop is prone to crashing mid-way through a task, then the chances are it is due for an upgrade. Sometimes, updating the software will do the trick but if brand new and up-to-date software is crashing, then i’m afraid it’s time for a software overhaul.
  3. Endless repairs – You replaced the hard drive and the battery, now the USB ports aren’t working. The cost of these endless repairs are adding up. Every time you need something replaced, it costs you a fortune. So why not bite the bullet and get some new hardware. That one off cost is going to save you valuable pennies on repairs in the long run.
  4. Hot and noisy – You PC or laptop is pretty good at telling you when it wants to be replaced. If it gets hot really quickly and groans and sighs every time you ask it to do something then the chances are that sooner or later you are going to need to do some repairs, as mentioned in the step above. Rather than get sucked in to endless repairs, get yourself some new, and quiet, hardware!
  5. Space – If there isn’t enough space on your PC or laptop then your software is not going to run smoothly. If your software is not running smoothly then your hardware is not effective. You need that software to be at it’s best so rather than finding the odd photo or music download to delete, why not get yourself some new hardware and ensure that you are not exceeding the specifications of your device.

If you think that perhaps one or all of these things apply to you and your business, you should seriously think about investing in new equipment. That can be a big task if you are a big or maybe even a small business. CNS deal with all manner of IT support, and that includes sourcing and installing this new hardware for you at a great price. So don’t worry about finding the time to do it, CNS will find the time for you and it could make a real difference to the everyday running of your business.