If you keep important business data digitally, the first thing you should do is back it up.

If this data gets lost or your systems go down, you need to make sure it’s recoverable by backing it up somewhere, There are many different ways you can back your data up and we can help you set them up.

As the world moves online, one of the most popular methods of backing up your business data is online using the cloud. Here are 4 benefits to backing up your data in this way.

1. It’s convenient

When you store something online, whether it’s business data or a backup, it’s really easy to access it wherever you are. This means that if your systems go down and you need to retrieve your data, you can do it from pretty much anywhere.

2. It’s safe

This one is a double-edged sword. By storing your backup online you’re ensuring that it’s safe from theft or fire or flood damage. However, as we all know, using the internet for sensitive data comes with it’s own risks and you need to be aware of these and ready to protect against them. Done properly, you can rest assured that your backup data is safe online.

3. Recovery is easy

If the worst happens and your systems go down resulting in data loss, if you have a comprehensive backup available on the cloud, recovery can be relatively quick and hassle free. This means your business can be back up and running in no time at all.

4. It’s affordable

Storage plans on the cloud can be much more affordable than buying an onsite server. This, paired with the other benefits outlined above, makes it a very cost-effective solution for your business.

So if you haven’t already, then you need to back your data up. Online backup has some great pros and is a good way forward, but if you’d like to discuss your backup and other ways of doing it with our experts, then just give us a call!