Everyone has had one of those days in which you have a million and one things to do in a day but just no time to do them. Whether it’s rushing to a meeting or just getting to the office on time. You’re going full throttle in the car whilst your heads on another planet thinking about all of the jobs you have to do in the day. Then the car in front of you breaks and you rear-end them. The obvious answer to this situation would be to pay attention, but as more drivers pay less attention behind the wheel, then perhaps technology needs to step up. More and more companies are developing software that will completely drive your car for you. Commonly known as a ‘Self-Driving’ or ‘Autonomous Vehicle’, some of the top car manufacturers are hard at work, creating the future of driving.



At the 2017 Consumer Electrics show, BMW, Intel and Mobileye talked about a collaboration that will see them produce 40 driverless cars in the future. At one time BMW were paired up with Chinese search engine company Baidu. There aim was to produce self-driving cars exclusively for the Chinese motor industry, though the partnership was called off in 2016 for a reason unknown.


In December 2016 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that apple were planning to create self driving cars. Cook didn’t reveal a lot of information, stating that it is the hardest AI programme to work on. Apple have kept their self driving technology under wraps, though a series of images have been leaked on a number of websites, reportedly showing test vehicles, yet the validity is unknown.


As mentioned earlier, BMW, INTEL and Mobileye have joined forces to create driverless cars, with the aim of having a fleet of seven series BMW’s on the road by the end of the calendar year. This is relevant because Intel purchased the Israeli self driving car company Mobileye at the start of 2017 for just over £12 billion, and is seen as a clear indicator of just how much money is being spent on this new form of technology.


Audi recently declared their partnership with American based graphics company Nvidia at the 2015 Consumer electrics show. They announced that they plan on bringing driverless car technology to the roads by 2020. Although the alliance between Audi and Nvidia is common knowledge now, lately Audi has been using Nvidia’s AI technology to monitor road conditions and gather information for its self-driving cars for the future.


Tesla’s CEO says that their vehicles will be completely driver-less within 2 years. Although tesla already has a semi-driverless technology in their Model S and X, many critics believe the technology can be flawed, due to a number of accidents involving the driver-less technology.

It remains to be seen whether this tech will really become part of our daily commutes, but when companies with the clout of Apple, Intel, Audi and BMW are in the game, you have to think, that it’s only a matter of time.