It’s not easy starting or running your own business, whatever size it is.

And it’s a well drilled fact that you have to spend money in order to make it. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. There are some free business apps and programmes out there that we think could really benefit your business, without you having to spend a fortune.

We’ve listed them below and explained why we think you should give them a go.

1. Dropbox

As we’ve taped about a lot in our previous blogs, the cloud has a big further in business. This free app allows you to sync files (docs, videos, photos etc) between all of your IT devices and access them from any of them. Every file you save to Dropbox is stored safely in the Cloud ready to access from anywhere you have internet, making file sharing between colleagues and remote business a lot easier. You get a generous 2Gb of space when you sign up to Dropbox for their free version, but you can spend a little and get a whole lot more storage.

2. Google

As well as the obvious wealth of information you can get from Google, they provide a range of tools, for free, that could have a massive impact on your business. Things like Google docs, spreadsheets and Google drive could all be invaluable for your business. Perhaps most useful though is Google Analytics. When attached to your website, this allows you to measure traffic, visitors, clicks and a lot more, all without spending a penny. And if you did want to invest a little, you could use Google Adwords to get your business talked about.

3. Skype

You probably already know what Skype is but have you considered using it for business. It’s ideal for virtual meetings as more and more people begin to work remotely thanks to the cloud. It allows you to speak face-to-face with colleagues or clients without things being misinterpreted in emails and it’s all for free. It’s also available on all devices so you don’t need a certain fruity gadget to fe able to -Face-time your colleagues.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a free programme that allows you to take notes, make lists, keep tasks all for free. You can create group notes which allows you to keep in touch with colleagues if you’re working out of the office and it will sync to all of your devices so that you’re always up to date. Easier to use than a word-prossor, this clever app is ideal if you’re always on the go.

5. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a great free app for keeping you organised. It allows you to make lists, calendars and reminders. You can share your lists with anyone so it’s great for remote business and it will remind you if there are dates you need to keep or deadlines you need to meet. For a free app, this is great for keeping you organised and keeping your colleagues up to date.