Do you run a business? One that you think can’t benefit from IT and technology? There’s no such thing!

There are certain business sectors that you associate with having an IT department. It is no surprise that those in the marketing, sales and television industry rely heavily on technology for the running of their business. But, in reality, there aren’t many businesses that can’t benefit from IT and technology.

For example…

Let’s take football. There is no denying that football is a big business these days. On CNS’ doorstep there are two top flight clubs in Liverpool and teams in Wrexham, Chester and Warrington.

Yes, football is a sport, but it is also a big money business. People probably don’t realise how much a football club can rely on IT and technology. For example, it makes possible pre-match ticket sales, an easy way to buy club merchandise and it creates great publicity for the clubs by spreading club news and generating excitement, which in turn, leads to good attendance. You can bet that these clubs, especially Liverpool FC and Everton, have got a team of people dedicated to the upkeep of their IT.

Your business might not be quite on the scale of a football club like Liverpool or Everton, but football is a great way of illustrating that, whatever your business, an effective IT system can be a great asset.

Another example…

Perhaps you run a small arts and crafts business. What you do is bespoke, personal and individual. You are incredibly local and generally sell your items at fairs and markets. You’re thinking, how could i possibly benefit from IT?

Social media has become one of the best possible tools for marketing and advertising, whatever your business. With a twitter or facebook profile you could be telling people from all over the world about your business. Just because you are local, doesn’t mean that people from the other end of the country won’t want your goods!

Not only that, there is a vast amount of software available that can help with the smooth running of a business, big or small. These days, accounts, bookkeeping, order forms and all sorts of official paperwork can be doing using online programmes. It helps you keep track of your business without taking up valuable shelf space!

So whatever your business, big or small, you should think about making sure you have an IT system in place. Don’t worry if you need help or IT support. That’s where we come in. We can help you set-up your system or update your existing one, as well as managing and maintaining it. So think about what we could do for your business and give us a call!